"He’s running from Kate." 
"So what do we do with him?" 

Stilinski Twin AU: in which Stiles finds Derek who’s been missing for weeks and takes him back to his place. Stuart’s home and reluctantly decides to help. Because as much as he doesn’t want to be involved in the supernatural happening’s of Beacon Hills, he’s the only other person who knows how Stiles feels about Derek. And he’ll do anything for his brother. 


Stiles couldn’t help but get some extra target practice in…

"You hit me. In the head. With a lacrosse ball."

"It’s not like you don’t deserve it. Besides, it barely grazed you."

"”It barely grazed you!’ It smacked me dead on, asshole."

"Oh, relax; we’ll put some ice on it when we get home and you’ll be fine."

"I hope you realize I can hit you back."

"With what? Your phone? Wow, I’m so scared of something so small."


"You might want to move if you plan on not getting hit again."

"Remind me why I came out here with you."


'Stuart would be the biggest dick in Beacon Hills.'

season 4 needs a stuart (◡‿◡✿)

I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. I was dealing with personal issues and of course there has been a lack of content in the tags so this blog is pretty much at a stand still. Like I said before this blog depends on content and since stilinski twins isn’t a big and popular thing in the fandom there is always a lack of content to reblog here. This blog will stay open and wil reblog any content we see, but other than that it will pretty much go un-updated. I will try to clean up what we have and organize it better but other than that nothing more.

- Brii


A friend asked me how I draw Stuart from “The internship” so here he is


They say lovers who commit double suicide are reborn as identical twins.

Maybe that was the cause of all this. Some residual affection carried over from a past life that twisted the bond of brotherhood into something perverse.

Maybe this was always meant to be their fate. From the beginning of time, they’d been born under a bad star and that star followed them forever.

Or, perhaps, it was the other way around. Their destinies had always been tied to one another, but outside influences acted to keep them apart.

Maybe they were meant for each other on a level so deep, that silly things like blood and gender wouldn’t dare stand in their way.

Maybe none of that mattered.

Maybe all that mattered was the way Stu touched him. How it heated his skin and made his heart stutter. And the look in Stu’s eyes that said Stiles was the center of everything. The sound of Stu’s laughter, and the way he said his name. How Stiles only ever felt complete when they were together.

Yes. These were the things that mattered. The taste of Stu on his lips. The flush of his skin. How he could trace a map of the universe between his freckles and moles. How they fit so perfectly together, as if one was shaped for the other.

Nothing else could compare.

Past lives? Bad stars? None of that was important. 

This was important. Stu’s arms around him and the words on his lips.

"Only you. Always you."


Stu had to stay back from school because Stiles was sick as hell.

Thomas is more stoic, calmer, more introverted, quieter… Sort of more like me, Stiles is my goofy side.