The Internship: Stuart + hands


Stuart posted a private video of Stiles and his boyfriend Derek. Nervous that his dad might see the video he begs him to take it down.


Saw a prompt by hauntedbanshee in the Stilinski Twins tag and wanted to take a stab at it in a 15 minute quick write.

There’s always this moment when people first see him, where they just stare for a long second then look confused, that tells Stiles isn’t going to happen again. Most people just blush and quickly look away the moment they realize why his face looks so familiar. On rare, but noteworthy, occasions, people are less subtle, or just shameless.


"No, I’m not," Stiles always cuts them off. "I am not who you think and we are not discussing this." If he’s with Derek, he grabs his boyfriend’s arm and quickly flees the scene of the crime. He curses his brother’s name for the rest of the day.

Stiles has nothing but the greatest respect and admiration for sex industry workers, honestly, he just wishes Stuart had been a bit more considerate about the fact that someone else had the exact same face as hom before he’d decided to become a goddamn porn star.

"What was that about?" Derek asks as Stiles all but shoves him back into the car and peels out of the parking lot without even buckling his seatbelt first. 

"What? Nothing. I just decided I don’t want to see this movie after all. I read some reviews online. Totally not worth a $10 ticket when I can just torrent it for free."

"Stiles, you’ve been talking about nothing but this movie for weeks."

"Well you know how things get hyped up but are actually a big disappointment."

"Stiles, who did that guy think you were."

"What guy? That guy back there? He didn’t think I was anyone. No idea what you’re talking about."

"Stiles." He didn’t need to look to know that Derek’s eyebrows were doing that thing that made it impossible not to roll over and spill all your secrets. Stiles kept his eyes fixed firmly on the road. He could feel Derek’s gaze on him as the silence in the car dragged on for a long unbearable second.

"Fine!" Stiles caved. "Remember when I told you I had a twin brother."

"Yeah, he goes by Stu, right?"

"Yeah, him. Stuart.” He spat the name as if it would find it’s owner and smite him where he stood. 

"That guy thought you were Stu? Why is that a problem?"

"Um…well…you see… My brother is a porn star."

"Your brother is a… Okay."


"Yeah, okay."

"I just told you a dude with my face is having sex on camera for millions of people to watch and all you have to say is okay?"

"Are you having sex on camera for millions of people to watch?”


"Then it’s not my problem. And even if you were having sex on camera for millions to people to watch, it would be your choice and still not my problem. Now, are we still going to dinner or are we cancelling all our plans tonight."

"How about we order in Thai and head back to your place to have sex on camera for just the two of us to watch?"

"Sounds like a plan to me."


I decided to take a stab at the soulmate marks trope.


The marks aren’t definite. That’s what Stu always reminded him. Sure, it was a nice fairy tale, finding the person whose mark matched your, falling madly in love, and living happily ever after with your soulmate, but it was just that: a fairy tale.

Stu was one of those people who refused to believe in destiny. Who refused to let a little mark on his body dictate who he was meant to be with. “I have a mind of my own and I have freewill. I can choose who I want to love. Besides, the marks aren’t definite.”

Their mom and dad had been soulmates. Stiles couldn’t remember what their mark had been, because his dad’s had faded when his mom had died. But he could remember how everything between them had been so effortless. He could remember how they were so connected, so in tune with each other. He could remember how his dad had never smiled larger or laughed louder than when he was with his mom. 

Stiles wanted that. He wanted his soulmate.

"Well, you go ahead a waste your life looking for them then," Stu said. "But remember, finding them isn’t going to be your ticket to a happy ending. What if they don’t want to meet their soulmate? What if they already love someone else? What if they just don’t want you? No little mark will be enough to change that."

But nothing Stu said could changed his mind. Stiles wanted to meet his soulmate and he was going to make it happen.

And when they were sixteen, he did. 

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anon asked: stuart + tumblr

Anonymous: (724):I'm pretty sure the guy he brought home is a polish porn star.

sorry this took forever omg i swear i’m not this trashy irl (ha ha who am i kidding, i totes am)

anyway enjoy, this isn’t as great as i’d like but i feel a bit burnt out so yeah :( sorry!

It all starts when Derek first shows Laura a picture of Stiles.

She chokes on her own spit, and Cora has to thump her on the back until she can breathe because she’s… laughing?

Derek scowls; cradles his phone to himself protectively. Laura’s still cackling, going so far as to claw at her chest because she can’t breathe. He looks over at Cora, who shrugs, but looks unconcerned, because she knows Laura’ll eventually tell her what’s so funny, unlike Derek who’s probably going to spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out what exactly has got Laura cackling like a maniac.

"Okay, I’m done," she wheezes, waving a hand at Derek’s face. "Your eyebrows are reaching record-breaking heights. It’s fine, he’s cute." His eyes narrows as her heart blips minutely, in that Laura-specific way that meant she wasn’t lying exactly, but she was telling a half truth. That, or she’s leaving something out. "He is!” she insists, and her heartbeat is steady this time.

He glances down at his phone again, appeased, and Stiles’ beaming expression is enough to get a smile across his own face.

"Yeah, he is," he agrees, and pretends not to notice Laura and Cora making gagging noises.

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Dylan O’Brien in The Internship


Pairing: Derek/Shaun, Stu/Stiles, Derek/Stiles, Stu/Shaun, Stiles/Shaun, Stu/Derek
WC: 4326


He saw Derek first, naked and kneeling at the foot of the bed, arms clasped behind his back, eyes fixed on the floor. Stiles couldn’t help but stare. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen Derek in all his naked glory, but it didn’t make the sight of his bulging muscles any less delectable. He felt a stirring in his groin just from the sight of those broad shoulders and powerful thighs.

The arousal he felt almost vanished when he caught sight of who else was in the room. Stu was there, of course, but so was Shaun. They hadn’t exactly been keeping secret from Shaun the things that happened in this room, but they’d never actually told him outright and they’d never involved him. Stiles had never thought he’d see him here, but there he was, leaning against the wall across the room, arms crossed over his chest, trying and failing at not staring at Derek’s naked body. Stiles wasn’t sure how he felt about Shaun being there. The heat flooding his cheeks could be from anything between arousal and shame.

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Sterek AU - Hale Twins


"He’s running from Kate." 
"So what do we do with him?" 

Stilinski Twin AU: in which Stiles finds Derek who’s been missing for weeks and takes him back to his place. Stuart’s home and reluctantly decides to help. Because as much as he doesn’t want to be involved in the supernatural happening’s of Beacon Hills, he’s the only other person who knows how Stiles feels about Derek. And he’ll do anything for his brother.