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Anonymous: (724):I'm pretty sure the guy he brought home is a polish porn star.

sorry this took forever omg i swear i’m not this trashy irl (ha ha who am i kidding, i totes am)

anyway enjoy, this isn’t as great as i’d like but i feel a bit burnt out so yeah :( sorry!

It all starts when Derek first shows Laura a picture of Stiles.

She chokes on her own spit, and Cora has to thump her on the back until she can breathe because she’s… laughing?

Derek scowls; cradles his phone to himself protectively. Laura’s still cackling, going so far as to claw at her chest because she can’t breathe. He looks over at Cora, who shrugs, but looks unconcerned, because she knows Laura’ll eventually tell her what’s so funny, unlike Derek who’s probably going to spend a lot of sleepless nights trying to figure out what exactly has got Laura cackling like a maniac.

"Okay, I’m done," she wheezes, waving a hand at Derek’s face. "Your eyebrows are reaching record-breaking heights. It’s fine, he’s cute." His eyes narrows as her heart blips minutely, in that Laura-specific way that meant she wasn’t lying exactly, but she was telling a half truth. That, or she’s leaving something out. "He is!” she insists, and her heartbeat is steady this time.

He glances down at his phone again, appeased, and Stiles’ beaming expression is enough to get a smile across his own face.

"Yeah, he is," he agrees, and pretends not to notice Laura and Cora making gagging noises.

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Dylan O’Brien in The Internship


Pairing: Derek/Shaun, Stu/Stiles, Derek/Stiles, Stu/Shaun, Stiles/Shaun, Stu/Derek
WC: 4326


He saw Derek first, naked and kneeling at the foot of the bed, arms clasped behind his back, eyes fixed on the floor. Stiles couldn’t help but stare. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen Derek in all his naked glory, but it didn’t make the sight of his bulging muscles any less delectable. He felt a stirring in his groin just from the sight of those broad shoulders and powerful thighs.

The arousal he felt almost vanished when he caught sight of who else was in the room. Stu was there, of course, but so was Shaun. They hadn’t exactly been keeping secret from Shaun the things that happened in this room, but they’d never actually told him outright and they’d never involved him. Stiles had never thought he’d see him here, but there he was, leaning against the wall across the room, arms crossed over his chest, trying and failing at not staring at Derek’s naked body. Stiles wasn’t sure how he felt about Shaun being there. The heat flooding his cheeks could be from anything between arousal and shame.

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Sterek AU - Hale Twins


"He’s running from Kate." 
"So what do we do with him?" 

Stilinski Twin AU: in which Stiles finds Derek who’s been missing for weeks and takes him back to his place. Stuart’s home and reluctantly decides to help. Because as much as he doesn’t want to be involved in the supernatural happening’s of Beacon Hills, he’s the only other person who knows how Stiles feels about Derek. And he’ll do anything for his brother. 


Stiles couldn’t help but get some extra target practice in…

"You hit me. In the head. With a lacrosse ball."

"It’s not like you don’t deserve it. Besides, it barely grazed you."

"”It barely grazed you!’ It smacked me dead on, asshole."

"Oh, relax; we’ll put some ice on it when we get home and you’ll be fine."

"I hope you realize I can hit you back."

"With what? Your phone? Wow, I’m so scared of something so small."


"You might want to move if you plan on not getting hit again."

"Remind me why I came out here with you."


'Stuart would be the biggest dick in Beacon Hills.'

season 4 needs a stuart (◡‿◡✿)

I apologize for the lack of updates on this blog. I was dealing with personal issues and of course there has been a lack of content in the tags so this blog is pretty much at a stand still. Like I said before this blog depends on content and since stilinski twins isn’t a big and popular thing in the fandom there is always a lack of content to reblog here. This blog will stay open and wil reblog any content we see, but other than that it will pretty much go un-updated. I will try to clean up what we have and organize it better but other than that nothing more.

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